Our Products

From food to toys, our products are recognized for their quality.

Dingonatura's philosophy is that food is the first medicine. Good nutrition prevents many diseases and let our animal living better and longer.
Salmon oil, krill, dried citrus fruits and rosemary mix are the recipes star ingredients.

Vigor & Sage it's one of the newest natural food on the market, all grain free recipies and with one of the best results for cats.
Made with herbs and fresh meats, they form a balanced recipe in your pet's diet.

Award-winning Pet Drinks Company, and home to some of the most unique, healthy tonics and treats for loved pets. Not to mention the world's first doggy herbal teabags!!

Zee.Dog was founded with one major purpose: to Connect Dogs and People. Zee Dog designs and builds products, such as collars, leashes, and so many other accessories, that help make our life and our dog's much cooler.

West Paw Design produces the toughest toys for dogs. Super resistant, made from 100% recyclable thermoplastic, are the safest and coolest toys that your animal will want and use for years.
Made in America with the planet in mind, and pets at heart®.

We believe that dogs are born to chase and play, so, Skipdawg products are meticulously crafted to satisfy the dogs’ outdoor need.

Alienflex brings a new line of toys with a large variety of materials and designs. At the umbrella of Zee.Dog brand, it's made by who understands dogs.