How We Work

Rigor, precision and speed are the best adjectives for our operation.

You place your order.

We inform logistics.

We pack your order.

We ship your order.

You recieve your order at your place.

Operations Center

Our logistics, due to its speed and high rotation volumes, are well known and respected in the pet business area.
To accomplish this goals we have improved all the facilities since we born and it's a project never ended.

Pet food products and accessories are defined and catalogued in order to ease the separation process to allow the speedness we need for deliveries in 24 hours after orders' reception.

Our Working Process

Organization comes first when we talk about warehouse and logistics management. We are not different in that. All of our products are organized by category and type of product.

We use FEFO (First Expires First Out) method due to our close logistics process with pet food and this obliges to a higher precision to bring the most fresh products at the time of your order.