Dog Collar

Collars made of extremely soft polyester and nylon for the fur, with a high-security buckle that locks on 4 different points and a matte textured metal d-ring, so your dog can enjoy the best that Dashi thought with all the care.


Dashi leashes are designed to provide a comfortable walk for dogs and owners. With a soft neoprene handle and a hook designed for the safety of animals, this is one of the best leashes currently on the market.

Back Harness

Dashi's Back-Harness is designed for dogs favorite activity. Walk with their owners. With two different points to lock the leash, you can now provide a more free or a more controlled walk when going out with your best friend.

Neo Mesh

Dashi's reversible Neo Mesh is made of Neoprene on one side and Polyester on the other. This way you can have both a super soft touch and a breathable material to keep your dog cool and comfortable.

Cat Collar

Thinking about the safety of cats, Dashi created their Cat Collars. An easy-open safety buckle and super-soft material are the perfect match to give your cat a new style.